Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Short story by Anthony Ellis called "Go with your first intuition"

The Storytelling Speech

Bang, Bang, bang (gun shots) “I’m hit I’m hit”. (Me) “No you’re not bro don’t say that” (jess). “Honestly bro I’m hit” (me) “lay down, where are you hit at” (Malcolm). “In the stomach” (me). “Lift up your shirt and let me see” (Malcolm). Imagine being at the wrong place at the wrong time because you didn’t go with your first intuition. Well Feb 16th 2009 was one of those days for me, and I can tell you one thing I learned a very good lesson. Out of all my years of living I never thought I would find myself lying on the concrete bleeding to death out of my stomach from a gunshot wound all because I wanted to go out and party even though people were telling us not too.

2:10 am downtown Chinatown there I was in san Francisco California lying on the ground soaking wet from the rain storming down on my face, jacked ripped off of me and a bullet wound to the stomach. It felt as if I got hit in the stomach with a wrecking ball they use to tear down buildings. All I can do was lay there looking up at the stars helpless wondering if I was gone live to see another night, thinking in my head “god why me, what have I did wrong to deserve to die; please let me live”. 5 hours earlier, I was chilling at my mom house in Oakland California with my brother. We were talking about how we haven’t visited Chico to party in a while or just haven’t been out to the club period in a while so we decided to go out.

So Then we began looking up this site called which is a web site that tells you about all the events that goes on in the bay area. So we scroll down the whole page and found an event for 18 and up which was a bad idea in the first place because if you from the bay then you know that 18 and up events always turn out bad because of these young minded teens now and days. plus I always told myself when I turned 21 I was never going to an 18 and up event in the bay area at all because of how dangerous they always turn out. But that night I was so anxious to go out and party that my goal went straight out of the fist we called my other brother “hey bro lets go out tonight” (me). “Nope it’s raining so I’m going to stay in just like you should be doing” (ben).

Next we called up my friend jess, “what’s sup jess you trying to go out tonight” (me). “Yeah sure where are we going” (jess). “To San Francisco, drive over to my mom’s house” (me). “Ok” (jess). So my friend show up to my mom house around 10:30 telling us that his car was running hot so we’re not going to be able to drive his car to san Francisco. That meant that we had to find someone’s car to go, but everybody told us no because it was raining outside and going to Frisco while raining is the only two options we had was my friend car that was running hot or my brother work truck in which was what we we ended up showing up to the club in a work truck all because we wanted to party that bad. So we get in the club drink

party and talked with a couple of females and I got to say we were having a ball all the way up till the club ended which ended at 2:00 am. But for some reason the bouncers were saying don’t leave or leave at your own risk because there was some problems outside. Me being a careless person drunk and not thinking we left out anyway in which me my brother and friend was the first ones out. So as we walking to our car we see a group of random guys who were never in the club at all. As we get half way to them one of them raised a gun and let off a couple of shots “bang, bang, bang” (gun shots). I instantly knew I was hit so as we all hiding behind this wall I yell out “I’m hit I’m hit” (me).

From that point on I always told myself always go with your first mind and watch out for signs of danger. Listen to others when they are telling you not to do something that can put you in danger, because you never know what you can get yourself into and it sucks that it took a near death experience to figure that out.