Thursday, August 19, 2010

Random Thought!

so today i had a job interview for making waves academy and i think i did good. i really hope one day i can live my dream and become someone very important in life. im the type of person to give back to the community and not be selfish, i would like to be a major role model for the youth. i grew up not having alot and seeing things a youngsta should see at a young age. all i want in life is to be someone who people can say good things about. sometimes i wonder how my life will be like 5 years from now and will i make it to see success like i hope for. i really want to be happy with kids a wife and money to take care of my future family. i wish god would send me that righ female cause i have a big heart and im willing to share that with someone special. all i can do is hope for the best and leave it in god hands and see where he guides me.