Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Man In The Mirror Poem By: Anthony Ellis

Poem By: Anthony Ellis

To the man in the mirror,
why is it that when i come
to visit you its always in the
morning after a long night of
dreaming good and sometimes bad thoughts,

every time i go to use the bathroom
or go to wash my hands for dinner i
caint help but to see the man in the mirror,
sometimes i even ask him what should i change
about myself, what is there to love about an
individuale like me,could it be my dread locks,
or could it be my girly eye brows,

at times i even wish the
man in the mirror could talk back
to me like a friend supposed to,
sometime i just wana hear from the man
in the mirror you can do it, dont be
scard of what people think because if nobody
else cares im always gone be here for you if you
need me just dont forget to check up on me,
the man in the mirror.

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